Quality policy

Angel Stoilov-96 JSC has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001.

As a proven company in the field of trade in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and the provision of services, we at Angel Stoilov-96 JSC are obliged to always offer and develop activities that meet the requirements of our customers for quality, professional performance and presence in the markets in the country and abroad. The basis of our activity and our success is the protection of the interests of our clients. Quality of work is a universal obligation throughout the organization. It is the responsibility of each of our employees.

The management of Angel Stoilov-96 JSC is fully aware of its obligation to develop, maintain and improve QMS, according to the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015.

In the conditions of constantly increasing requirements of the clients, increasing competition on the market of metals, the company “Angel Stoilov-96” JSC is oriented towards achieving maximum efficiency in terms of the offered metals and services and is committed to:

  • To comply with all applicable local and international legal requirements;
  • To provide innovative and high-tech growth and development, aimed at maintaining a competitive advantage and creating opportunities for entering new markets;
  • To build a relationship of mutually beneficial partnership with suppliers and customers, setting requirements for quality, health and safety at work, and to systematically declare its commitment to comply with them;
  • Continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System through periodic evaluation of the achieved results and systematic control over the implementation of the set goals;
  • To control the risks and circumstances related to trade in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and services, so as to prevent adverse effects on human health and safety;
  • To maintain a healthy and safe working environment through prevention and control of risks at work;
  • To form and provide company culture, training and motivation of staff with a focus on using its potential in the implementation of company policy;
  • To disclose and explain the current policy to all stakeholders, reviewing it periodically and adjusting its adequacy.