Detail blasting

Blasting is a method of treating the surface of parts with various abrasive and non-abrasive materials. It is used in many industries for polishing, matting, cleaning, rust removal, coating, paint and dirt removal, or texturing.

It is used in various industries such as the automotive industry, shipbuilding and ship repair, heavy and light engineering, etc. The method is most commonly applied as a step prior to application of an anti-corrosion coating to protect the surface or the product or as a finishing technique. The technology is also applied to cleaning welded structures and laser or plasma treated surfaces.


Angel Stoilov – 96 JSC has shot-blasting machines for cleaning sheet metal blanks and parts:


Drum-type turn-table/shot-blasting machine MILKO SK-5

– Minimum blank size: 50 mm

– Maximum blank weight: 1 kg.

Turn-table/shot-blasting machine for cleaning blanks and parts CM Modena

– Table diameter: 800 mm

– Maximum blank weight: 20 kg.