Disc precision cutting

Cutting equipment is widely used in modern metalworking and, in particular, in production of metal profiles, pipes, metal structures, etc. Manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic cutting machines are used to cut blanks to the required length, to cut simple contours in sheet metal, as well as to remove excess material from semifinished metal products before their subsequent machining. Depending on the cutting method, construction, type of tool used, and application, cutting machines are subdivided into band saws (equipped with a cutting band or band saw), disc-cutters (with a cutting disc), and angle-cutters saws (with a scissor-like cutting device).

According to the driving type, the cutting equipment can be mechanical, electromechanical, and hydraulic, and according to the design – vertical and horizontal, with an inclined or parallel frame (falling arm), columnar, etc. Cutting machines usually allow both perpendicular cutting and cutting at different angles that can be precisely adjusted for the purpose.

Angel Stoilov – 96 JSC has high-performance sawing and band cutting machines of KASTO and AMADA types, which include technologies for thin cutting, thanks to which high productivity, precise cutting, and higher economic efficiency are achieved compared to other methods of cutting. The machines can be programmed to cut pieces of different lengths, operating in a fully automated production process.

Cutting parameters:

–  Length – 10 – 300mm;

Circle – 15 – 70mm;

Tube – 15 – 70mm;

Square – from 12х12mm to 70х70mm.

– Splint – from 15х15mm to 70х60mm.