Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a high-tech thermal method for cutting sheet metal and producing parts and blanks from carbon, alloyed and stainless steels, polymers, rubber, etc. It achieves both cutting and surface engraving. Laser cutting has a minimal cut and no heat deformation. Laser-processed parts are of high quality and don’t need additional processing.
Laser metal cutting is a technology that uses a laser beam to cut sheet material. Laser cutting of metal is performed by a high-power beam that is focused on the processed surface. Under the action of the beam, the material melts, burns or vaporizes, and is blown away by a gas jet.

The machines used for laser cutting are characterized by high productivity, precision, and a fully automated process. They produce products with complex geometric contours, ensuring high dimensional accuracy and quality of processed surfaces. Despite the high cost of equipment and consumables, laser cutting is economically viable due to the ideal cutting quality and high speed of the process itself.

Laser equipment differs mainly in the type of emitter. Currently, the two most used types in metalworking are: CO₂ lasers and fiber lasers. The CO₂ laser has a higher cutting speed at thicknesses over 6 mm and at initial drilling. It has consistent quality for different material thicknesses. With a fiber laser, the cutting speed is much higher, especially for thin materials, and it is more effective when working with metals and alloys that reflect or scatter the laser beam (copper, aluminum, bronze, brass, stainless steel). The fiber laser has lower energy and gas consumption and has minimal maintenance and operation costs.

  Angel Stoilov – 96 JSC has Mazakand Ermaksan laser systems 

Power – 4kW

Gas – oxygen and nitrogen

Working capacity

– steel up to 16mm

– stainless steel up to 10mm

– aluminum up to 6mm

The overall dimensions of the tables are:

for  Mazak                 2000 х 4000 mm.

for  ERMAKSAN       2000 х 6000 mm.

laser MAZAK

Offering of parts for laser cutting is carried out only by the employees in the sales department on Record Base!

The requirements for the geometrical dimensions of the product and quality tolerances are according to ISO 9013