Oxygen cutting


Oxy-fuel cutting is a method for cutting sheet metal and producing parts and blanks from low-carbon, medium-carbon, and low-alloy steels. What is specific about it is that it sufficiently fast and versatile cuts sheets of significant thickness and has an optimal ratio between price and production quality.

         Oxy-fuel cutting is a thermal cutting process in which the cut is created by heating and oxidizing the material with a torch, using oxygen and propane. The iron oxides resulting from the heating, which are in a liquid state, are blown out from the cut by the oxygen jet.

  Cutting can be done manually or by machine. Thanks to the CNC equipment of oxy-fuel cutting machines, which work according to a preset program, steel sheets can be cut with a straight or contour cut. Parts are cut with a complex shape, satisfactory accuracy, optimal cutting, and low-cost rate. There is the possibility of working with several torches and making a beveled straight cut for subsequent welding work.

Angel Stoilov – 96 JSC has six high-performance oxy-fuel CNC lines.

Cutting parameters:

Thickness of the processed part is from ⌀8.0 to ⌀330.0 mm
Overall dimensions of the machine are 5.5×12.0 m.

  The holes that can be cut must be larger than the thickness of the sheet metal (for sheet metal with a thickness of 30 mm, the hole must be at least ⌀30 in diameter).

The cutting of each blank is related to specific conditions, features, and preparation, for which we have competent and highly qualified programmers and operators. Offering of blanks with a shape other than a rectangle or blanks with openings, regardless of their shape, is done only by employees in the sales department on Record Base!