Rod material cutting

Cutting of bar material, pipes, and profiles

    Graded and shaped rolled products, seamless pipes, and cold-formed hollow sections are usually produced in lengths of 6 or 12 m. For consumer needs, they are cut into parts or blanks of smaller length. Reducing the size of solid and hollow metal parts, pipes, and profiles is usually an operation to prepare them before their subsequent machining, welding, forging, and other processes in metalworking.

    Cutting with band sawing or disc sawing machines is considered one of the simplest, most effective, and high-quality processing methods. Among the significant advantages compared to other types of metal cutting, one can note the continuity of the cutting process, clean, uniform cutting, absence of material deformation, minimal metal loss during cutting, accuracy of product processing. They allow single or batch perpendicular cutting, as well as cutting at different angles. The cutting with these machines is a cold working process, where the cutting edge of the tool overcomes the resistance of the material, resulting in the release of chips and the formation of a cut.

  Depending on the drive, the cutting machines can be mechanical, electromechanical, or hydraulic, and depending on the construction – vertical and horizontal, with an inclined or parallel frame, columnar, etc. According to the degree of automation, cutting machines are manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated. They are used in single, serial, and mass production.

   Angel Stoilov – 96 JSC has a wide range of band sawing machines such as KASTO, SILOMA, EMI, and others.



Cutting parameters:

– cyrcle –   to 800mm;

– tube –  to 800mm. 

– square –  to 800х800мм.

– splint –  to 800х1000мм.